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Hello all of you. Greetings and blessings in the wonderful name of Jesus  Christ. Learning is an exciting adventure. Our road trips have more than enough provided the excitement of learning as we move ahead with God's will.

Therefore, from time to time, you will hear from me on the blog and  the teachings feature of this site that I trust will bless and inform and encourage you in the things of our heavenly Father as we live another adventure with God.



Hi, everyone. Life is an exciting adventure! I have had a few bumps in the road and have been victorious after learning how to overcome them. 

I am writing a book, Stealing Your Healing, Just take It,"  It's a story of how my health has been restored, My health was stolen from me and I took it back by believing the truths I learned in God's wonderful Word and applying them. As an author and writer, my passion is to help others who would like to join me on healing adventures.

Ray is my husband of 58 years. We love traveling, teaching, and writing about God's matchless Word of deliverance. Our vision is that that Word of God will inspire you to to take those same results into your life.




Hello to everyone; My name is Dana, and I am new to the Windows of Heaven website.

Have you ever wondered, What’s my purpose, God?

Or, perhaps you’ve thought, How and why did I get into this situation?

Or, maybe, Where do I go from here?

I have experienced these or similar questions too; both in a very serious, life-threatening circumstance as well as from a positive, purposeful perspective. God, who is always faithful, did not fall short. In fact, through God’s love and inspiration, this is part of the first book I am writing titled, Look Up!  It’s about the blessing of Abraham and the depth in which God continues to honor this same blessing today no matter where we may find ourselves.

Oh, and the answer to the questions…. Look Up!