Be A Prayer Warrior

February 23, 2018



“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” (James 5:16 b) 

Twenty women in a small church in Seadrift, Texas, met together every day to pray over 52 soldiers from their town the Psalm 91 prayer of protection. I read the amazing true story of these 20 women who made a commitment to believe together for the safety of their soldiers who went to war during World War II. 

The women made a collage of photos of every soldier at war from their town. Every day the Psalm was read while they focused on each soldier’s photo. The women prayed fervently. One woman remarked, “God had them literally bombard heaven.” One by one, every Seadrift soldier returned safely from the battlefields of Europe, the South Pacific, and the Far East, in spite of the fact that hundreds of thousands of American lives were lost on those battlefronts.

Mrs. McCown was a part of that group of prayer warriors who had five sons in that war. All her sons returned safely.

Joe Fred Coward remembered barely escaping death when, as he drove an open army truck, he felt something whiz by his head---so close that he said his hair turned up. Coward is still living and continues to thank God for the divine protection he knew he had received on a daily basis from the prayers of these 20 women.

Go to your prayer closet, group together with your prayer partners, pray the prayer of Psalm 91 over your loved ones.  Put their photo’s where you can focus on them. My husband and I pray the Psalm 91 prayer of protection together for our family and friends every morning. 

Have you ever asked God for something vitally important you can do?  Well, here is one thing you can do that can save and bless the lives of many. 

Be a prayer warrior.

Love, Shirley