Believe the Unbelievable and Receive the Impossible

April 8, 2018


Hi everyone, things are getting exciting!  We have our tickets to Portugal, and we depart May 8th!  We are ready to go.  I am finishing my last semester in college, which has been a great journey, now to go on another journey for God.  We will be living with our Portuguese sister, Connie, in her apartment.  I know there are so many things to love about God for each of us, and for me right now, what I love is how faithful He is to bring our prayers and hearts desires to pass, when we believe.  "All things are possible to him that believes"  we are expecting great things, great signs miracles and wonders to come to pass.  The other day I was thinking about where do I draw my inspiration to paint or write or for sharing God's Word?  Yes, people have greatly inspired me, but then I thought what about the Almighty God who loves us so much!!  What about Him, the greatest source of inspiration possible.  "with God all things are possible"  and I want to "believe the unbelievable and receive the impossible!" 

P.S.  The are our wonderful kids who are now all grown up, they are unbelievably wonderful!