Fight For Your Dreams and Win

February 23, 2018




Everyone has a dream, what is yours? Perhaps you are believing for a baby, or for a promotion, or to be a travel writer…well, that is my dream. What thrills your soul?  What excites you to get out of bed every morning? Pursue your dream. Perhaps you did pursue your dream, but obstacles got in the way. It is ok, there is a way to win. 

Remember a dream without a plan is just a wish. I thought of the anacronym TRAIN to help you win your dream. I am using a boxer as an example. 

T. Every Boxer trains with a good coach extensively for the fight, along with the vision to win. To be a travel writer one must train with a coach who provides vision and direction and the knowledge that a writer needs. What about your dream…who do you choose to be your coach? One of the greatest coaches I know is God and His word. Speak those winning words to yourself to win your dream as you let Him guide your steps.

R.  Require yourself to have intense focus on your dream. Give yourself a target date and a plan of action to get there.

A.  Always be aware of your own weaknesses. A fighter knows his own weaknesses and trains to become stronger by turning his weaknesses into strengths. Then, FOCUS on those strengths.

I.  Intimidate your opponent. Boxers intimidate their opponents by speaking words that intimidate their foe. Notice how they throw words of confidence and “chatter’ at their opponent. Using bold statements like, “your dead in the water” man, I got this fight, I am the winner!  All before they take their first swing!  Declare yourself the winner before you activate your plan. Fear is an opponent and a fierce foe, declare it “dead in the water” and declare you are the winner. Now, go on to win your dream.

N.  N is for NEVER giving up. It is always too soon to give up. NEVER, NEVER, GIVE UP. Boxers never want to throw in the towel. Fight the good fight of faith for your dreams and win! 

Oh yes, about my dream…. well next May through August I will be living and traveling in Portugal and Spain…you guessed it… travel writing!  

Love you, my triumphant sisters and brothers.