Mothers' Day


May 13, 2018

 Hi everybody. Today we celebrated Mothers' Day with our hostess Connie and her wonderful daughter Gabby.  We went to downtown Lisbon and fellowshipped together at a restaurant and afterward we went to a popular ice cream store. Look at the beautiful dessert they prepared. It not only looks good, it was a really fasty and refreshing dessert after a scrumptious feast at lunch of grilled chicken, tomato salad and French fries.    The girls dressed in black are recently graduated from college and are dancing and playing for funds to help them move into the world. They were quite talented and drew a large crowd of viewers and listeners. Downtown was sorely packed with impatient tourists.  Some of them probabley were leftover from the Eurovision music competition that ended last night.  Music groups from all over the world and fans galore from their countries to support them were gathered together for the competition and parties that followed each night. A lot of hangovers in practice today?    


 We are preparing for our seminar beginning a week from tomorrow and   we have high expectations that God is preparing the hearts of those who will be there to be filled to overflowing with love and grace and believing to receive ALL He has already made available by way of his son, Jesus Christ, of which 'Healing For All" is one of those truths.

We are not quite used to the hills yet. Walking can produce some sore muscles. But, we aren't giving up as we are walking up and down more each day. Boy oh boy, Florida really is flat. Doesn't that dessert look good? Our hostess, Connie, is a super chef and seemingly and  miraculously cooks some outstanding meals fit for a king and queen.  Praise God for her talent and the love with which she saturates each dish.  


Well, talk with you laterwith love and blessings,

Ray and Shirley