Our Books


It has been our endeavor to do more to share God's Word, focusing on His heart to heal. One of our newest ways has come in the form of publishing. Here are our current titles of books, with more to come!

Stealing Your Healing

 Have you lost your health yet know that is not God’s plan for your life?Are you ready to take it back?Whether it is your physical health, mental acumen, dreams, or your finances, God designed you to prosper and be in health. When diagnosed with cancer, Shirley Weidenhamer did not allow her health be taken by the enemy. In Stealing Your Healing, she shares her journey of becoming cancer- free and how to rescue what’s been stolen from you.Life is exciting, vibrant, and fulfilling when you apply God’s Word to your circumstances no matter your age. You don’t have to accept sickness, depression, confusion, or loneliness. Take this journey of hope and great expectation because with God all things are possible.LIVE WITH VICTORY AND A ZEST FOR LIFE ONCE AGAIN. Available on Amazon.com