June 19, 2018

 Many of you have asked for some photographs. Here are some pics of places around here and some of the folks whom we are ministering to.  




This was taken in the local cafe.

In this photo,Connie, our host and friend and I are with Lila. She was healed of a neurological disorder causing pain in her skin, especially facial, for a number of years. Her care-giver says that she hasn't been this happy for five years, and that without pain.


                          This is Shirley and Lila playing movie  stars. 


 Included in this photo is Lila's care-giver -- a very sweet and caring lady. Lila has great love and respect for her. 


 Miles and miles of cobblestone streets and sidewalks in Portugal. The guys that do the work are artists. 


 This is a view of one of the beaches on the river Tejo. over looking the sunbrellas of one of the many cafes along the shore ready to feed those who inhabit the sand as soon as the sun comes out. 


 This is a pic of one of the bakers who prepares the Pasteis de Belem, a custard pastry served with cinnamon and powered sugar and an espresso. Although many bakeries try to copy the recipe, the secret is still secret, and this pastry is the best of the best. 


 A view from St George Castle atop one of the seven hills of Lisbon. Lots of tiled roofs and the wide river that is navigable for large cruise ships. 


 The Poinciana trees are blossoming. 


 Shirley, undercover, hiding from the cold weather.