Recipe for Love

June 11, 2018


But now we still have faith, hope, love; these three; and the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13 (BBE)

This photograph of the rose was taken in the garden of some folks that we ministered to this week.  It reminded me of the sweet fragrance of the fellowship we are having at the apartment in Linda-a-Velha, Portugal.

This past week has been full of rain. Although it refreshes the outside atmosphere and gives nourishment to the plant life, it limits our travel.

However, our home fellowship has prospered as we live and share God's Word with each other. Many times breakfast can last up to two hours as we love on one another. It has become a special time of refreshing and nourishment for us.

Therefore, as we continue in our endeavors to make known God's will regarding healing for all, God has provided a couple of cute miracles to sweeten His love for us -- a pet that Connie babysits periodically was healed of a bad itch on his skin; and, the wash machine broke down. But, after praying for it and commanding it to be restored to working order in the name of Jesus Christ, that mountain was removed, and the machine is still in working order. Praise God.

God's love energizes our believing (Galatians 5:6). Here is a recipe for love:

1 Timothy 1:5 (KJV) Now the end (purpose) of the commandment is charity (love) out of a pure heart (all the heart, a complete heart), and (out of) a good conscience (one that is upright in thinking and actions), and (out of) faith unfeigned (real faith not fake faith, not pretend faith):

Those three spices, the pure heart, the good conscience, and faith unfeigned are the essence of the fragrance of God's love active in the believer's life.

We love you all. Have a week full of God's love.

Ray and Shirley