Soar on Wings Like an Eagle

February 23, 2018



My husband and I recently faced a critical situation and needed an answer from God. Our physical safety was at stake as a threatening hurricane approached. It was a large one, too, a category 5. 

We're no strangers to these storms but a category 5 was bigger than any ever to land near our home. 

Not surprisingly, local authorities encouraged residents to evacuate the area.  The problem was, the storm would cover nearly our entire state. Where would we evacuate to? We just weren't sure, and we needed to decide quickly. 

So we went boldly to God in prayer, expecting an answer. 

We trust God to direct our steps, and that's just what He did. 

God directed us to a safe place within minutes of our request. An acquaintance, who knew our situation, graciously invited us to their home. We traveled to their home, which was several hours away from our town, to stay with them.

Isaiah 40:31

Yet those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. 

We soared above the storm as we trusted our Heavenly Father to guide us to safety.   Our expectations and needs were more than abundantly provided. We had great rest, great food, and great fellowship with our new friends.

Would you like to mount up with wings like eagles, too? 

Then wait for the Lord, and gain new strength. Our strength came from Him when we were so needy. 

What does it mean to "wait upon" the Lord? 

To wait is to hope strongly, to trust, implying firmness and constancy of mind, to hope for, to wait for, to expect anything; to hope that a thing will be affected, and to wait steadily and patiently till it is effected; (New Wilson O.T. Word studies pg. 470) We lived that promise as we trusted God to provide. 

We mounted up with wings as eagles. We ran and were not weary. We walked and did not faint.  Eagles fly higher and faster than any birds in creation. Eagles will run to a storm when most birds run away from a storm. Let us run to God to expect His guidance and protection from the storms of life.

Eagles are about 30 to 45 inches in length, but their wingspan can be twice the size of the bird itself. Their wings measure over 8 feet many times which allows them to soar high in the heavens. 

There are many storms in life, but we can mount up on wings as eagles, as His promise says. Can you picture yourself above those storms as you take His promise to heart? Wait for the Lord, with an intimate relationship of trust and obedience to Him. 

Soaring never just happens. It is the result of winning the battle of the mind and taking the right thoughts captive, the thoughts of His Word…and when trouble comes you can soar like an eagle, my friend.

Love you, Shirley