Here is where we will be posting people's testimonies of their healing. Feel free to contact us and share yours!

All testimonials posted with permission.


Arlene's Story

I started having pain in my groin area.  So, I went to see my physician.  She pressed around, and didn’t detect any lumps, bumps or anything.  She said that she thought I pulled a muscle, which made sense since my job is cleaning houses. 

Two weeks later it was still hurting.  I asked my husband what to do, and he told me to go back and see the doctor again. She still didn’t feel anything.  But this time she decided to order a CT scan.  The results came back that there was nothing wrong in the area where my pain was.  But what was found was a 1.3cm mass on my right kidney. So, my doctor then referred me to see a specialist. I would probably never have been seen if it wasn’t for that nagging pain in my side. That was how God got me to be seen so the mass could be discovered while it was still small.

My husband and I agreed to pursue on with the surgery recommended by the specialist in the field. We met with our local ministers to let them know the situation and so they could pray with us.  We all prayed together.  Because of the Word I’ve been taught, I knew what God promises in His Word (III John 2).  I never had any fear in the situation, but was convinced that God would fulfill this promise for me and He would do what His Word says He will do.  I studied records in the Word on healing and did extra reading on healing.  I also had the community believing and prayerful support from our local ministers and believers close to us.  Also, a close friend of mine taught me about believing images of victory years ago.  So, the day before my surgery, I had my husband take a picture of me with my hands over my head clapping in victory, and kept that image before my face before and after surgery.

The surgery took place on July 16, 2018.  The doctor said all went well and that there were no surprises.  I stayed in the hospital for three days following the surgery. 

Because of the Word, I know God wants us to have the abundant life.  I had the best doctor and nursing staff available to me.  And they were the best!

When I came home from the hospital I was told to expect a four to six week recovery period.  My recovery got better each day as I felt my healing taking place.  I would continually claim that because of what God’s son Jesus Christ accomplished for us we can claim no sickness or disease!!

The pathology report came back that indeed the Word that I have learned and believed had come to pass!!  The disease was confined, no movement, no change. All margins negative!!!

Plus, I found out that the kind of disease I had was the kind that is very rare for it ever to return!  I cried tears of joy.  I thank God every day for the Word I know, and which I could claim and believe.  God’s promises are true.  I have known this Word coming up on 40 years and my husband and I have always seen our prayers answered the almost 4o years we have been married.

God’s goodness abounds in our lives.  As it is proclaimed in God’s Word, He is our sufficiency.  God causes us to triumph, and when we place our trust in Him and His Word, when we believe God’s Word there is no limit to the goodness He will give to us!  Thank God for the Word that was taught to me I know and claim!  With this Word believed there is no limit to our victories!!